Amish To Apostolic

This book is the story of an Amish couple, David and Barbara King.
Follow them from their early childhood in Lancaster County, PA through times of physical and spiritual change. You are invited to immerse yourself in their journey as they search for spiritual and recognize the effects it will have eternally in their lives and the lives off their future generations.You will rejoice with them, shedding tears of joy and sorrow, as you witness the unfolding of their eternal destiny!

One of the great revivals of the twenty-first century will be within the Amish community. It will be a sovereign move of God’s spirit. David and Barbara King, Jonathan Miller, and John and RoseAnna Mullet have put faces on this intriguing group of people living in North America. Follow their struggle of leaving lifelong traditions in search of biblical truth, Thank God for “The Browns” who with burden and persistence reached out to this Amish family. When you read this book,allow yourself time to read it entirely because you will not want to lay this book down once you begin reading this fascinating and exciting story.
Donald Hanscom, Sr.

What a moving and inspiring book it is! It is one of those books that gripped my attention and interest. I could hardly put it down. There were some passages that were truly like a 21st century book of Acts! The Holy Ghost moved in wonderful ways in behalf of the King family. My hope and prayer is that this book will inspire and motivate people to do more in the area of Home bible studies as well as persevere in the winning of souls for the kingdom of God.
Don Eastham

Audrey Feigl now resides in Highland IL.